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SOC Sunday ~ 5/7/17

What a week!  Things have been even crazier than usual around The Lair this week. Mini-Me had oral surgery to remove an impacted wisdom tooth and was put under for the first time on Wednesday. Bless her heart.  She looks so pitiful all curled up on my couch and to Dutchess, our pug. Overall, she… Continue reading SOC Sunday ~ 5/7/17

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52 Week Blog Challenge ~ Week 4

If you missed Weeks One, Two and Three, you can find them by following the links. This weeks prompt is Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit.  This one is hard for me since I can't really travel much anymore. Last year, we drove all the way to Florida to see TimberLeaves and the trip… Continue reading 52 Week Blog Challenge ~ Week 4

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SOC Sunday ~ Week in Review

This week has been busy.  Mini-Me is attempting to plan a wedding that is now just over a month away and has now turned into a wedding in my front yard. The transmission went out in Chicklet's truck, so I had to go help get her and her truck home and now we're sharing my… Continue reading SOC Sunday ~ Week in Review