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Dawn, The Hearth Witch


Welcome to Life of a Hearth Witch.  My name is Dawn, the resident Hearth Witch.  Let me start off by explaining exactly what being a Hearth Witch means to me.

I have been a Pagan for over 20 years.  I began my path as Wiccan and realized a few years in that while I agreed with much of the Wiccan path, that it wasn’t really who I was.  I wandered the halls of “Eclectic Paganism” for many years but I had read a book in my twenties that talked about Magickal Housekeeping and it resonated with me.

Back then, there really wasn’t such a thing as a “Domestic Pagan” or being a “Kitchen Witch” which is what I sometimes refer to my path as.  There just wasn’t much information to be had other than a chapter here and there in books that were mostly about other aspects of paganism, so in the beginning, I mostly developed my own path and followed my own way.

To me, Hearth Witch, Kitchen Witch, and Domestic Pagan are all the same thing.  It involves a lot of domestic responsibility to my home and my family.  I am the cook, the maid, the taxi driver and all those other hats a typical wife and mom that doesn’t work sometimes wears.  But I’m also a little more than that.

I’m a follower of Hestia, the Greek Goddess who keeps the fires of Mount Olympus burning while her brothers and sisters dabble in the affairs of mortals and generally mess with each other’s lives.

I take my family’s spiritual needs very seriously.  I try to keep the energies in our home balanced, I pay particular attention to the needs of my Tribe and try to respond accordingly with the types of foods and spices I cook with.

I also cook with health intentions, meaning that I try to pay attention to when someone is getting sick or not feeling well and I try to plan meals with foods that will improve their health.

I also enjoy growing things, particularly growing what I can of our foods and herbs and using fresh ingredients whenever I can.

I try to cut down on the chemicals we consume in the foods we eat, but also the products we use.

That said, who else am I?

I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, daughter, friend….I’m probably more like you than you think.

I like to make homemade cleaners and DIY bath and body products.  I enjoy cooking.  I like to write (obviously), and I’m an avid Stephen King fan.  I also like to play video games, in particular, World of Warcraft.


Furkids 2-19-16
2016 When BeDaBe was a puppy



I have two “furkids”, a Pug named Dutchess and a Lab Mix named BeDaBe (our granddaughter named him) who also happens to be my familiar.

I’m a wife to this guy, the love of my life.  You’ll hear plenty about him, I’m sure.  He’s a Taurus and I’m a Pisces, so as you can imagine, we love hard, and fight hard, too.




We have a daughter that we call Mini-Me, who now has a family of her own.


Heidi & Bell
Mini-Me & Squishy 2017





Bell & Wayne
The Pain & Squishy 2017

And this kid.  She stole mine and Drako’s hearts. To her, we’re GiGi and Popie.




Squishy 2017

Never one for “normal” relationships, we have a young woman in our lives that is one of my best friends, but also like a niece/daughter to us.  She’s extended family that became real family.


Bell & Trista
Chicklet & Squishy 2017

I spend most of my time taking care of my family, which is a full-time job in itself.  When I’m not doing that, I’m usually working on the blog, reading the awesome blog posts of other bloggers with similar interests, reading about DIY home, bath and body products, tending my plants and roaming Azeroth in World of Warcraft with my online guild-family.