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Blog Challenge ~ Week 2 My Favorite Things

If you’re looking for last week’s post, you can find it here and learn about my best friend and sister-of-the-heart, Timber Leaves.

This week’s topic is My Favorite Things.  That’s a hard one to narrow down because I’m finding that there are a lot of things that I consider my favorite things, lol.

  1. I guess the top of the list has to be my family.  They are definitely one of my favorite things and you’ll learn more about them in next week’s post, Meet My Family.
  2. Behind that would have to be all things domestic.  While I don’t necessarily love the actual process of cleaning, I do find that I love taking care of my family and to me, being domestic is just one of the ways I tell my family that I love them.
  3. Gardening is also one of my favorite things, although it’s been about 2 years since I was able to do more than regrowing a few food items in the window.  I’m hoping this year will be different now that I’m getting around better.  I have a thing for herbs both in my spiritual practices and for household uses, including cooking.
  4. Of course, I also love blogging.  I guess that much is obvious, or I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this, lol.
  5. Cooking from scratch is another of my favorites.  Before the accident, I made nearly everything from scratch.  Bread, butter, cool whip, coffee creamer (which I still make for DH because that’s one of his favorite things), you name it.  While I admit to buying store bought bread now for sandwiches, I intend to start making homemade bread again for everything else.
  6. Homesteading.  Although I consider myself more of a “Modern Homesteader” or “Urban Homesteader” since we don’t have livestock and we live near the city.  We have all the modern conveniences excpet for cable TV which we choose not to have, but I prefer a more rustic and simple lifestyle to the “Rat Race” the world has become.  DH and Chicklet’s jobs are necessary to pay the bills, but at home, I try to create a more relaxed environment than the one they have to deal with for their jobs.
  7. World of Warcraft.  Everyone has their own way of unwinding from a long day and WoW is one of mine.
  8. A good book, especially if that book is written by Stephen King or Dean Koontz, two of my favorite authors.
  9. A good cup of coffee.  Be it hot or cold, a good cup of coffee is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  10. Water.  I’m a Pisces and water soothes my soul.  I love lakes and beaches, hot baths and hot showers.  Daily contact with water is necessary to keep me balanced and mentally and emotionally healthy.
  11. All things DIY and repurposing.  While I’m not exactly crafty, I do love making homemade cleaners, bath and beauty products and finding a new life for old things.
  12. Animals, particularly dogs and farm animals.  We have a total of six dogs between us in our house and we have plans to one day have at least chickens and a goat.
  13. All things Pagan and Spiritual.  I have an eclectic soul and I have spent years of my life studying many different religions and spiritual practices.  I also love Tarot Cards and dragons.  Dragons are our household totems and guardians, which is why we call our home “The Lair”.  It’s actually short for “The Dragon’s Lair”.

So, I’m sure there are many tings that I have missed that I could have added to the list, but this seems like it covers the main priorities in my life.

What are some of your favorite things?  If you’d like to share, leave me a comment so I can get to know you better, too!

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